Monday, July 16, 2007

Shipping and Moving Costs

Shipping ~35 lb boxes (10) at $30 each = $300 dollars

Note: If a box weighs over 30 lbs there is a $3 surcharge, so if you're going to send a box more than 30 lbs, you might as well make it the max of 70!

One-way plane tickets: Seattle to Anchorage = $210
Anchorage to Nome = $200
Nome to Shaktoolik = $190

Total = $600

Note: I purchased my plane tickets about 1 month in advance while purchasing a round trip ticket from Anchorage to Seattle 5 months from now (Christmas!) costs $377, so that's not too bad.

$900 is pretty cheap considering I'm moving over 2000 miles away to a remote area. The only major purchases I have left are food and a new laptop (the ol' PC isn't going to cut up in the AK). I'm currently developing a very intense shopping list and hope to have it posted in the next 2 weeks. I'm buying consumables frontier style in Anchorage in bulk by determining my daily caloric needs. Underestimation could prove disastrous. 19 days left here in Washington!